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My name is Mrs Banke I was tested for Fibroid at the age of 28….this is 2 years after my marriage. Since then I have been going through the pain of Fibroids. Honestly women don’t deserve to go through this rigorous pain. Instead of going on to enjoy my marriage, my major priority was how to get this problem solved and unfortunately for me I can’t give birth without solving this problem. My husband suggested we go for surgery as prescribed by the doctor… Hmmm, I was really afraid but we concluded on going for the surgery… Thank God the surgery was successful… But can you imagine you going through this…. Despite the huge investment we made into the surgery, exactly 2 years later I experienced a regrowth (I am back to square one) My husband said we should go for the surgery again but I insisted because of the pain I passed through the first time…. So we started buying several medications from different people both online and offline…. But all this medications were just waste of money… In the course of our search for solution my friend recommended herbal concoction (AGBO).. It was so bitter and was just a mess. Because after 2 months of using this bitter herbal concoction, I was hoping for a huge change but when i went to the hospital to check the state of the situation, it was confirmed to me that the Fibroid is growing drastically… Guess what the doctor still prescribed I undergo surgery the second time… I was really disappointed, despite all I went through and the amount we spent on the first surgery. So I was contemplating on going for the second surgery because the doctor was assuring me and my husband that we will be able to conceive a child. But come to think of it, that was what the doctor told us before I undergo the first surgery… So I did not listen to the doctors advice and I decided to go for natural medical method of getting rid of Fibroid. This gave me the solution I desired. I don’t want you to go through all I went through and the mistakes I made, so read carefully as I show you this Fibroid treatment. See I can understand the pain, agony and discomfort you are going through and I can also relate with the bad ways the doctors treat you in the hospital because you need their help. I understand that you have been spending huge amount of money on different medications that you have been using and despite all of that, you still get to have to go through those frequent bleeding that occurs at abnormal times of the day. In fact this can even be the reason of your barrenness. Sometimes you are even worried and thinking this might end your life or even cut your life short.. And I know you desperately need a solution to your problem… You have even been to the hospital and the doctor is always advising you to go for surgery. I can categorically confirm to you that cutting out the Fibroid is not a final solution because according to research and my personal experience there will surely be a regrowth after surgery because in most cases all the Fibroids can’t be removed totally unless the surgeon want to destroy your vital organs. So I discovered that when you understand and know the root of your problem and you attack it directly. You will surely get rid of it totally. This was what I finally did!!!! One day I was scrolling through my Facebook I saw NRI sponsored post I decided to give it a try hmm my dear I bought the product I started with the D3 and cuminius oil the result I got was amazing i was detoxify I was advised to continue low and behold the second month something happened I was about using the toilet when something tick came out of my private I was shocked then later realized it was fibroid oh what a joy NRI product is simply the best
Mrs Banke
I live in ikeja Lagos For years I was suffering from low sperm count it was very very bad Most times I ejaculate without any drop of sperm it was bad to that extent I took so many injections and tablets no results I was tired I gave up cause I felt it was a spiritual issue One day a friend I confirmed on told me about NRI product I was double minded but I gave it a trial To God be the glory after taking NRI D3 and Nourisher I ejaculate with sperm for the first time in 3 years Thanks to NRI
Mr James
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